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Where is it better to live for a freelancer

Freelancing or remote work is a rapidly developing sphere of earnings. Programmers, designers, teachers and many other specialists go to work without reference to a clear work schedule and place. Now the combination of rest and work does not seem so impossible. You can move from one country to another, because all you need is a computer / laptop / tablet and an Internet connection.

In this article you will find the most popular and favorable countries for the life of people who are engaged in freelance. 

Remote work in the EU countries

Portugal, Lisbon

Lisbon takes a leading position in the list of the most favorable countries for the life of a freelancer. In this city, the optimal ratio of the average remoter earnings and the cost of housing, food, entertainment. Quiet cafes intended for work are very popular here. But if you are engaged in tutoring, it is still better to conduct classes from your apartment.

Locals are kind and friendly to all visitors. And the country has a lot of impressive places. What is the ocean worth watching for hours on end?

Germany, Berlin Berlin is the

center of all European startups. This is a large city inhabited by creative youth from around the world. Here you can make many useful business acquaintances, as well as just meet like-minded friends who also like working with free schedules. 

By the standards of the European Union, housing and food prices in Berlin are quite low. For a full-fledged existence in the city you will have enough knowledge of the English language. 

In the evening, from the business city of Berlin, it turns into a bee hive, in which people of all ages are buzzing in pubs, restaurants and just on the streets. 

Bulgaria, Sofia

If you are a tutor on a remote site who loves mountain sports, you should definitely stay for a couple of weeks, or even months in Sofia. Since the city is just developing, there are low prices (by EU standards) not only for housing and food, but also for mountain vacations.

Freelance in Asia


Bali takes a leading position in the lists of the most tourist destinations in the world. Many people, having been here once, seek to return to this paradise again. What could be better than life and work in such a place. 

The number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups in Indonesia is growing every day. Local authorities actively support this trend by sponsoring establishments with good Internet where people can work at any time. 

As a rule, freelancers stay in Kang and Ubud. 


People who want to get away from winter away choose Thailand as their place of residence. Freelancers from all over the world stay here for such advantages: a

  • wonderful climate,
  • low cost of housing, a
  • friendly local population,
  • fast Internet, which is in almost every institution,
  • low expenses for food, entertainment.

Even if you have a lull period in your work, you can survive in Thailand for your savings (even if there are very few of them). You will not die of boredom here either – the nature of the Kingdom delights even those who have been here many times.


It would not be surprising to see Vietnam on the list of popular countries among the remoters – this is quite reasonable. At the moment, the country is experiencing a real tourist boom. But this does not at all prevent her from developing in a business direction. Authorities support young entrepreneurs and people working remotely.

Remote work in America


A few years ago, the country of Colombia was associated with illegal business. But today, the authorities decided to develop new directions. Their policy is aimed at improving the country’s competitiveness. The center of digital innovation is Medellin. Yes, this city was once the cocaine capital. Now it has become a safe place that welcomes all guests. 


If you want to escape from the high prices for living in San Francisco, but still be charged with California’s entrepreneurial spirit, you should turn your attention to San Diego. Because this city will offer you excellent weather throughout the year and at the same time, it is more accessible than San Francisco. 

Many lovers who combine udalenka with travel, stay here for a longer period than planned.


Argentina, and more precisely, Buenos Aires is one of the favorite places of freelancers. Tango, sunny weather, delicious steaks and affordable prices for life – all this attracts people from all over the world. 

If you dream about traveling, start taking some action to realize your dream right now. Life is one and it is too short to delay with your desires. 

A tutor on a remote basis is perhaps what you need. 

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3 Комментариев в “Where is it better to live for a freelancer”

June 07, 2020 в 2:42 pm

Почему-то у многих сложился стереотип, что фрилансеры круглый год живут на Бали) Лично у меня с переходом на удаленную работу место жительства не поменялась, но путешествовать стала намного чаще, это факт.


June 19, 2020 в 9:09 pm

Многие знакомые мне фрилансеры живут в Таиланде или во Вьетнаме.Цены там недорогие, и на жилье и на питание.


July 08, 2020 в 1:10 pm

Фрилансеру сейчас лучше выбрать тот город или страну, где безопаснее. В ЕС высокий уровень заболеваемости, а вот в Таиланде – безопасно.


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