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Tourism bonuses

Travel incentive programs have been used as a tool to motivate and engage employees since the 1970s. In recent years, experiential rewards such as travel have been growing in popularity. Managers and human resources executives in both the private and public sectors are waking up to the fact that, in terms of motivators, modern employees are much more incentivized by meaningful, personalized perks. Money, bonuses, and raises simply don’t offer the same value or long-term benefits. In fact, according to one report, when rewarded with travel incentives, employees generally feel much more appreciated and trusted, resulting in greater loyalty towards their organizations. 

Small purchases – small bonuses, frequent trips – a good reward for a regular customer. And large companies will do everything possible to keep you with them. Tracking the behavioral line of each client or potential client on a large scale is almost impossible. But smart people scatter their networks, collecting consumers to the maximum. Let’s talk about the networks that American Express has set up for tourists.

Three hotel chains and 19 airlines are a worthy company. By offering to collect remuneration using the services of each of them, company owners can be sure that you are together for a long time. You may earn bonuses using the gold, platinum and green American Express card. The Blue Cash Preferred card also gives interest on purchases in supermarkets and gas stations. You can use an Amex EveryDay credit card.

Please note: receiving these cards requires a good credit reputation (from 700 points)!

What are the options for redeeming your own bonuses?

Use the travel portal of the company. Firstly, it has a convenient interface and a decent selection of locations. Secondly, the percentage of booking flights and hotels.

Use the services of transfer partners recommended by the above company. The list includes:

  • KrisFlyer: A favorite tourist destination is the West Coast of the United States – Hawaii. You can make a reserve for a business class.
  • Air France (implies the KLM Flying Blue system): you can get a seasonal discount of up to half the cost of the flight.
  • British Airways (flight distance included).
  • Avianca LifeMiles, expands your options before booking at United and Lufthansa.
  • Be sure to list Delta SkyMiles – it is very convenient to transfer membership fees.
  • Virgin Atlantic is a partner of the previous company on the list. Convenient flights can be sought both there and there.
  • Cathay Pacific Asia Miles: Bonuses for flights in Asia are affected by the use of flights by other companies. For an exclusive choice, you can get more.

In any case, you need to calculate the cost of miles in order to rationally choose partners with which you might collect and spend your miles. The NerdWallet calculator counts one cent per mile (this is after making all the changes to the calculation system, which seem quite complicated for tourists).

You can redeem miles using other actions, such as: renting a car, booking a hotel or a full vacation, buying newspapers and gift cards, as well as charity.

Own American flights, for example: MileSAAver (not available in all classes, directions also change periodically, but you can redeem more than seven thousand miles), AAnytime rewards (more expensive, but more affordable, because almost all flights are possible), special Economy Web offers (unfortunately, they cannot be replaced, they work on the selected routes).

Still, international flights are of great value. Booking flights with miles is quite simple – you need to search for available rewards on the site.

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