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    Graduate of KNU named after V.N. Karazin (bachelor’s and master’s degree with honors). Graduate of Paris-Sud University – Master’s degree. Winner of All-Ukrainian tournaments and competitions. Member of 7 international schools and exchanges. He was awarded scholarships of the Kharkiv Mayor “Endowment” and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Has experience in tutoring over 7 years. Teaching experience in China – 2 years.
    Graduate and graduate student of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, KNU named after V.N.Karazin. Certified teacher of physics and mathematics. Scientist in the field of plasma physics. Practicing IT Specialist. Author of publications in international scientific journals. An active participant in the regional physics Olympiads, TUV, MAN. Teaching experience at training centers and a private tutor of physics and mathematics for more than 8 years.
    Graduated from the Department of Theoretical Nuclear Physics and Higher Mathematics. A.I. Akhiezer FTF KNU named after V.N.Karazin. Post-graduate student of the Department of Superconductivity and Mesoscopic Structures B.I. Verkin, engaged in research in the field of quantum computers. He has more than 7 years of teaching experience in physics, mathematics and programming, and is also familiar with training for the Olympiads, TUV and MAN based on personal experience.
  • NINA
    Master of Applied Physics. Post-graduate student of the Department of Physical Technologies and Nanomaterials of KNU named after V.N.Karazin. Participant in international conferences on plasma physics and solid state physics. Author of scientific publications in international journals. Researcher in the laboratory of high energy and plasma technologies. She graduated from pedagogy and psychology courses for further activities as a teacher at the university.
    Graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of KNU named after V.N.Karazin. Research Engineer at the National Scientific Center of KIPT, Laboratory of Nuclear Accelerator Systems. Author and co-author of scientific publications in international journals. Member of international summer schools and conferences. Over 5 years of experience as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist.
  • Julia
    Teacher of history, jurisprudence and social sciences. She graduated from Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. GS Frying pans. Experience in secondary schools – 3 years, tutoring – 5 years. Prepared the winners of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of students-members of the Academy of Sciences, the winners of the third stage and the winner of the final IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in History. Provides quality training for external evaluation, STA, student competitions.

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