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Quick money vs savings

Money market accounts and savings accounts have a lot in common. To figure out which type of account is the best option for you, consider a combination of factors, including available interest rates and your short-, medium- and long-term financial goals. Understanding the difference between savings accounts and money market accounts can help you save more effectively — for everything from emergencies to a down payment on a house. You know that hiding money under a mattress or in a sock drawer isn’t necessarily a great way to keep your savings secure. But what’s the most effective way to save? If you’re looking for a fireproof account where you can keep your cash and even earn some interest, you’ve got a surprising number of options to choose from.

The family budget has been rewritten ten times, agreed and approved, but can’t you close the questions? Extra income planning is just another level of budgeting. As practice shows, you can always get money if you want. Many turn to banking institutions or friends to get a loan, but if there is no rush, you can consider more convenient options. What is the joy of “sudden” money is that it is not considered in the regular budget as income items. So, you can afford a little prank: get and spend.

What options?

Very fast

  1. Clothing sale: it will take one day to prepare. You need to do the cleaning in the closets, categorize things (necessary, beloved, have not been used for a long time), make a series of high-quality pictures in good light, and choose a site for sale. In this case, there are a number of popular services, you can ask for help from friends who have popular accounts on social networks. It is profitable to sell clothes in series, you can turn on creative and create several thematic collections.
  2. Not all appliances in the house are important. There are things that we use too rarely, what to speak of old phones. Organize home appliance fairs with friends.
  3. Send your car on vacation. People who tend to spend most of their time behind the wheel often do extra things. Put the car in the garage for five days, and you will realize that most issues are easily resolved by telephone. Much can be postponed until later.
  4. Everyone has a wardrobe with gifts that are not useful, but you don’t? It’s time to sell something new. From the actual – gift certificates. Making an offer mutually beneficial for you and the buyer is easy.

On a regular basis

  1. Shop online. Sometimes you need to wait for a cheap product, but you can save several times. If a certain site suits you, then for frequent purchases you will receive bonuses or a refund.
  2. Find a side job for the weekend that will allow you to escape from the routine. Work in the office? Great, take your dog on a free day. You can watch the pets of people who are going on vacation.
  3. Think about what you are good at and make it your job. At least as a freelance. Work at home, or work online is a great option for those who are temporarily out of work.

Difficult, but possible

  1. You can rent your car. Once it rests from you, let it meet someone else. Make sure that the contract identifies important points for you.
  2. Create a personal or thematic blog and invest in its development. In fact, this is an investment, because over time, the blog will start making money.
  3. Work as a mystery shopper. Many people think that this work is not work at all. For demanding and attentive people, the way it is.
  4. In your city there is always work for the season. Think of it as a necessary variety for life.
  5. Help others solve their problems. Work as a personal trainer, swimming instructor, or foreign teacher. Development will be mutual.

Many of your friends have part-time jobs, but this is not customary to talk about. Ask what your friends did, or would like to do, to spend time really. You might get a good idea to get started.

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