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Do parents need to scold children for poor grades?

As a teenager, the child begins to ignore all parental teachings. Parents, not understanding why they cannot find contact with him, continue to read even more notations on the topic “but I wasn’t like that at your age …”. Ultimately, this ends in a complete collapse in the parent-child relationship.

What you don’t have to

  • do. No matter how angry you are at the child and not upset about his “successes” at school, try to refrain from screaming, threats, punishments, notations and ridicule. He will perceive all your words as an insult not of his knowledge, but of his personality. 
  • To rejoice at the poor grades with the words that Einstein was also a loser is also not worth it.
  • Do not take on his work. Remember that he doesn’t go to school so that the teacher is happy, it doesn’t matter who completed his homework, but so that the child learns to think independently.

Instead of all of the above, tell your child that you, too, are upset by his assessment. Show your empathy. 

Understand the reason

After you have shown sympathy, try to figure out the reason why it all happened. Maybe he had some problems:

  • have contact with the teacher,
  • he didn’the couldn’t master the topic of the lesson,
  • he felt unwell (tired, headache, etc.),
  • and maybe he understood the material well, but could not show his knowledge by the board because of its shyness.

Help him correct his grade

Most parents are mistaken in believing that teachers should correct their child’s performance. Due to the large number of people in the classroom, the teacher may simply not have enough time to devote attention to each child. You are the parent. Take on the role of a teacher who will help your son or daughter correct her unsatisfactory mark.

If the reason is a misunderstanding of the material, help him deal with it. If the matter is shyness, start having family evenings when he will explain some material to the whole family. Over time, you can call friends, thus expanding the audience of his listeners. Gradually, he will get used to the public and get rid of stiffness.

As soon as you solve the problem due to which the child has poor grades, he can go up to the teacher and ask him for additional tasks with which he can correct his marks. Most teachers will happily help him with this.

Pay attention to the child always, and not only when a problem arises. Take an

interest in the affairs of your child every day, and not only when he shows you a diary with a deuce. Ask him not only about his studies, but also about his whole day as a whole. Regular communication with a child from an early age will help you avoid difficulties when he has a teenage period.

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3 Комментариев в “Do parents need to scold children for poor grades?”

May 10, 2020 в 1:58 pm

Cannot agree with you more on parent-teacher roles. Before asking the teacher about your child’s success it may have sense to ask yourself the same question…


May 24, 2020 в 10:47 am

Согласен с вами. Всегда помогаю своему ребенку в зaнятиях, А в остальном полностью согласен.


June 21, 2020 в 12:49 am

У меня сын -подросток. Статья помогла мне разобраться с некоторыми нашими проблемами. Полностью согласна, что мы должны интересоваться своими детьми каждый день. Несмотря на нашу занятость.


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