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    • Own teaching methods
    • Individual approach to each student
    • Performance monitoring
    • Quick help on any issues
    • 99% Positive Feedback
    • General education program
    • Preparation for exams
    • Preparing for the Olympics
    • Preparation for international tests
  • PRICE:
    • Individual online lesson: 250 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual lesson at home: 270 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual online lesson with PHD: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Package of “10+1” lessons: 2500 UAH – 11 hours
    • Preparation for international tests in English: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Preparation for the Olympics: price is negotiable

    Physics, for sure, seems the most important area of ​​science. Everyone is familiar with its achievements: household appliances, transport, telecommunications. None of this would have happened if not for physicists. Unfortunately, in most schools, the level of teaching science is very low. Teachers fail to interest students.

    Fortunately, there is a way out – an online physics tutor! Our tutors are students of the best universities in the country, they themselves sat in a classroom behind a school bench not long ago. Therefore, they, like no one else, know what difficulties a modern student faces and they will easily help in mastering such a complex, but at the same time such an interesting subject.

    Due to our classes you may:

    • easily fill in the gaps in the school curriculum;
    • successfully prepare for the External Independent Evaluation and for the State final certification in physics;
    • realize the attraction and versatility of the subject;
    • you shall love the performance of laboratory and practical work;
    • learn to be creative in solving non-standard physical tasks;
    • master and gain the skills and knowledge which shall be necessary for successful admission to the best universities.

    As a result, you will achieve the highest results in the study of physics!

    Who is our physics tutor?

    • A student or graduate of one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine;
    • a participant and winner of all-Ukrainian and international competitions, Olympiads and tournaments;
    • an experienced private teacher of physics;
    • an excellent psychologist and an excellent mentor, who will find an approach to each of the students;
    • he will be young and interesting full of energy tutor, may be not like a physics teacher at school;
    • enthusiast of his subject;
    • he is a pride of parents.

    Why physics tutor online:

    • the ability to get in touch at any time
    • prompt assistance and advice on all issues
    • the opportunity to provide lesson in a place convenient for you
    • saving of time, mental health, forces and means.

    Why the BrainHouse

    The undeniable advantage of our center is presence of a psychologist, who conducts a Skype interview with each student before starting classes. During the conversation, our specialist determines the type of student’s temperament, his disposition for study and preferences of the student. Our technique allows you to find such a tutor in physics, who will help to achieve maximum results in the development of the subject.

    Our tutoring center guarantees the highest quality of teaching! All our tutors undergo a serious multi-stage screening, so you may be sure of their excellent level.

    BrainHouse is constantly engaged in the quality of classes monitoring and improving the distance learning methods. Therefore, the Skype tutor in physics expounds the information to the limit of accessibility while taking into account the characteristics of the student’s individuality.

    You are able to choose a high-class tutor in mathematics and physics, as well as foreign languages, chemistry, biology.

    You are in good hands with BrainHouse!

    Why is it important to study with a tutor?

    All of us are familiar with the situation when the teacher communicates only with a few students in the classroom. Therefore, those who are not included in the subjects (perhaps, the majority) might face a difficult time. Students quickly lose interest to the subject and are marked by the teacher as incapable. Although being immersed in other conditions, most of them show excellent results.

    On the other hand, misunderstanding of subjects, in particular such difficult ones as physics or mathematics, may occur due to the student’s fear of asking a question among his classmates. Another possible reason for the child’s  failure may be the conviction that school subjects, by definition, cannot be interesting.

    All these problems are easily solved with the help of a tutor. During the lesson, the student will feel more confident and free, and therefore he will easily ask questions, while understanding the most difficult tasks. The pace and degree of detail of the explanations during the classes will be chosen in such a way as to best suit a particular student. And of course, a young and energetic tutor is much more attractive to a child than a school teacher. Also, while studying with a physics tutor on Skype, the child will not experience additional stress, being in unfamiliar conditions for him.

    Summing up, we can confidently state that cooperation with our tutoring center will open up great opportunities for you! Indeed, in the presence of fundamental knowledge of the highest level, huge opportunities open up before a person. They are: trouble-free admission to the country’s most prestigious universities and, as a result, the formation of the right scientific environment; ability to think logically and critically, finding a way out of difficult life situations; self-confidence and self-reliance.

    While studying at BrainHouse you get the opportunity to learn from the best professionals, to raise your level. After all, being in a society of the strongest, you always become one of them!

    Follow us, we will always be happy to help in achieving of incredible heights!

    There is a unique opportunity to call a home physics tutor for residents of Kharkov. If you do not want classes with a physics tutor to take place on Skype, then we can easily solve this problem. Our teacher will drive you to a place to conduct a lesson at any time convenient for you. Departure is possible within any district of the city of Kharkov: Saltovka, New homes, Cold Mountain, KhTF and others.

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