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    • Own teaching methods
    • Individual approach to each student
    • Performance monitoring
    • Quick help on any issues
    • 99% Positive Feedback
    • General education program
    • Preparation for exams
    • Preparing for the Olympics
    • Preparation for international tests
  • PRICE:
    • Individual online lesson: 250 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual lesson at home: 270 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual online lesson with PHD: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Package of “10+1” lessons: 2500 UAH – 11 hours
    • Preparation for international tests in English: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Preparation for the Olympics: price is negotiable

    “Mathematics is the queen of sciences, arithmetic is the queen of mathematics,” said the great mathematician, astronomer and physicist Karl Qauss, who laid the foundation for all the 19th-century science.

    Since childhood, we understand the importance of mathematics. Moreover, it is difficult to find a field of knowledge not meeting the application of its achievements: starting with mathematical logic, school algebra and geometry, and to higher mathematics and the theory of large numbers. Isn’t it true?

    Whether knowing the tricks of the arithmetic transformations, the child will faster count the change in the buffet, he will win the cards at the desk neighbor, using the theory of probability or might become another Bill Gates with the help of discrete mathematics. Whoever the child is, without solid knowledge of the school course in mathematics, he cannot succeed and become the best one. We are to help you – meaning our best tutors in algebra and geometry. We conduct classes online so you save money and time on the road.

    Each member of our scholar team is the professional in his field, our guys are the best students, graduate students and also university professors. Therefore, we can easily prepare your child for the control, External Independent Evaluation, mathematical Olympiad or mathematics international tests provided in English.

    If your child is interested in science, we will provide you with a graduate student, an author of international articles and a participant in conferences. While being an advanced scientist with his own unique scientific subject, he will become an online tutor for you. Such a teacher may always captivate your child.

    And whether the child is a humanist, you say, and this strict subject is badly given to him? We never believe such statement. “In order to digest knowledge, one must absorb it with appetite,” said Anatole Franz. And appetite, as you know, comes with eating. Our psychologists, having analyzed the type of personality, creativity and type of thinking of your child, will select the most suitable teacher. With a math tutor from BrainHouse Learning Center, your child will fall in love with math!

    Very often the particular school education does not suit parents and seems a burden to the child, but do you have enough time to go to the other end of the city for additional classes? The online tutor in mathematics will give high quality knowledge using modern Skype techniques. And if you are a resident in Kharkov, our math tutor in Kharkov will come to any district of the city: to Saltovka or even to KhTF.

    How to develop children in the digital age?

    The child is surrounded by a complex world, and if he perceives it only through games, comics, simplified schemes, his brain will be just as sketchy. For the brain is filled with what was invested in it at a very young age. How to teach a child to navigate in a world where children increasingly communicate in a virtual environment? We cannot leave children in the digital world without arming them with critical and abstract thinking. For this, children need algebra, with its abstract equations and formulas. To help your child on this difficult path – our online tutors for algebra are always at your service. We will conduct the lesson at any time convenient for you: in the morning before classes, in the evening after school, and perhaps you want to teach your child at home – learning mathematics online is the best choice.

    The main thing is to decide whom you see your child in the future?

    The brain is a neural network, so switching it from one type of work to another, for example, from a game to learning, memorizing and analyzing, we give the child a wide associative field for analysis in this multi-valued rapidly changing world. The kid is surrounded by an unstable, superfast world, so we must not forget that it is a high-tech age, where the speed of assimilation of information by a child plays a decisive role.

    For the development of the children’s brain, firstly, it is necessary to load the memory and imagination of the child to constantly develop innovative thinking. The sooner we develop and set up the child’s neural network, the greater the mental and mental health reserve we will give him for the future. Geometry – a great science, known since ancient times, develops the ability to think abstractly, to represent three-dimensional figures, to classify objects, to prove and disprove statements.

    How to educate children more effectively? Take into account the characteristics of each one and find a suitable training system, the maximum result will be only given by personal online communication with a tutor.

    Intelligence is given to a child by nature, while to develop this baggage received from parents is our task. A lot of information is available online. At first sight, there is everything, but what’s the point if the human mental apparatus is slowly developed. A jumble of pictures, scientific terms – confusing? And here the analytical work (which develops primarily during classes in mathematics) can be helpful.

    The foundations of classical education, responsibility and training for systematic work are the key to success. As physical exercises improve the body, so learning math develops the brain and personality.

    Your child will love to study and will absorb knowledge with pleasure with the online learning center BrainHouse!

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