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    • Own teaching methods
    • Individual approach to each student
    • Performance monitoring
    • Quick help on any issues
    • 99% Positive Feedback
    • General education program
    • Mathematical logic
    • Preparation for international tests
    • Modal logic
    • Logic of questions and answers (interrogative)
    • Multi-valued logic
  • PRICE:
    • Individual online lesson: 250 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual lesson at home: 270 UAH – 1 hour
    • Package of 10 lessons: 2200 UAH – 10 hours
    • Preparation for international tests in English: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Preparation for the Olympics: “Negotiated price”

    The world around us is pretty cruel. The world is full of objects, animals and situations that are dangerous to us. In addition, almost every day we have to make decisions that somehow affect our lives. How did we learn to adapt? Why do some live better than others? There are answers to these questions. It’s all about the logic that we unconsciously develop from the first days of our lives. Thanks to her, we make the right decisions and know in advance how and what kind of situation will affect us tomorrow. There is only one question left – how to develop logic at a conscious age? To do this, you can hire a special person who will help you with this.

    How does a logic tutor work?

    Exploring the world and constantly searching for non-standard solutions, this is what the logic tutor does. Many people associate this science with something specific, without thinking that everything around us obeys it. Have you ever thought why the machine works? Why is our planet spinning? Even the smallest and unimportant little things have their own logic.

    The logic teacher allows you to:

    • Learn to make innovative decisions. Many may find that this skill is very easy to develop on their own, but this is not so. Statistics say that many people think straightforwardly, without thinking about how to solve the same problem in several ways. The sophisticated solution to a simple task can not only help save money, but also time.
    • Start analyzing our actions in a structured way. Each of our actions has a logic that is written on our subconscious. The logic teacher allows not only to understand exactly how we react in a particular situation, but can also change this.

    When is it worth hiring a logic teacher?

    In recent years, the demand for specialists in this area has grown five times. This is due to the fact that they began to hire such people not only to children, but also to themselves (adults). Many try to learn the world throughout their lives, and not knowing the laws of logic, this is impossible. It’s difficult to find a teacher in this area on your own, so people turn to the BrainHouse tutoring center for help.

    Logic teachers are hired in the following situations:

    • When the child will soon need to go to school. The logic tutor for preparing for school allows you to make out the nuances that a child will meet in the first days of his education. A prepared child will not only be more relaxed about the learning process, but also easier to perceive the material provided by the teacher.
    • When a student has problems with mathematics, or else wants to improve his knowledge. Tutors in mathematical logic give children a set of tasks that allow, without going in cycles, to search for non-standard solutions. This approach is useful when working with geometric or trigonometric problems that have more than one basic solution.
    • When a person needs to prepare for an exam in logic. A tutor for preparing for logic is one of the most sought-after professions in the west. Logic exam in developed countries is one of the main examinations for admission to technical specialties. It is he who allows you to determine the level of human thinking and the ability to perform non-monotonous work.
    • When a student or student needs to prepare for the exam (OGE, DPA, EGE, UPE) or the Olympics. To prepare for any standard exam, you need logic. It allows you to determine the fast and accurate way to solve any problem. Most often, logic is additionally studied in preparation for such subjects as: mathematics, physics, computer science and chemistry.

    Where to find a tutor on logic?

    An independent search for a tutor may not yield any results. People who post their resume in this specialty, as a rule, are far from this area. In order not to waste time, you need to look only for teachers who have been tested by experience. BrainHouse Tutoring Center will help you with this!

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