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    • Own teaching methods
    • Individual approach to each student
    • Performance monitoring
    • Quick help on any issues
    • 99% Positive Feedback
    • General education program
    • DPA preparation
    • Preparing for the Olympics
    • Preparation for international tests
  • PRICE:
    • Individual online lesson: 250 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual lesson at home: 270 UAH – 1 hour
    • Package of 10 lessons: 2200 UAH – 10 hours
    • Preparation for international tests in English: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Preparation for the Olympics: “Negotiated price”

    Computer science has long been introduced into the school curriculum as a compulsory subject. But many still do not understand why it is needed, because “this is not programming, but my child knows how to use a computer.” However, computer science is not only the ability to use the basic functions of a computer.

    Why computer science is needed

    Every day we are surrounded by a limitless ocean of information and not every person (even an adult, not to mention a child) knows how to manage it. This is where computer science is needed. Indeed, thanks to this science, the Internet, the first computer, and many other technologies familiar to us have appeared in the world.

    Every day a person is faced with any calculations. He may not even be aware of this. Banks, various industries, transportation lines – all these are complex calculations that are greatly simplified thanks to computers created due to the development of such an industry as computer science.

    The emergence of search engines, which are created thanks to this science, help people to obtain the necessary knowledge for study or work. But ten years ago, in order to get the same information, you would have to go to the library, review many books and spend the lion’s share of free time on this.

    If you still care about the question of why computer science was included in the list of compulsory school subjects, the answer to it is simple – so that a person understands what he encounters every day. Useful skills gained after computer science lessons:

    • high-level PC use,
    • ability to work on popular programs,
    • the ability to find the right information among the many useless “trash”,
    • basic understanding of how a computer works.

    In many schools, there is the problem of the lack of an informatics teacher who understands this subject. Or the class is not equipped properly. That is why parents who would like to broaden their child’s horizons need a good computer science tutor.

    Why us

    If you need a competent computer science tutor for the school, or you are an adult who wants to improve your knowledge in this subject, you can contact the BrainHouse tutoring center. Each teacher of our center has a set of necessary knowledge and experience in this field.

    We have developed unique author’s teaching methods, which at times increase the amount of information learned by a student.

    Classes online can save time and money spent on the road. And if you live in Kharkov and you want to study “live”, the tutor will come to your home.

    In the center of the BrainHouse, before the first lesson with the student, a psychologist conducts a conversation. Using various tests, he assesses the type of thinking of a person, his temperament and other psychological qualities, with which we can choose the most suitable teaching method for the student and teacher.

    We have a highly qualified tutor to prepare for computer science, which will help not only master the school curriculum, but also prepare at a high level for the Olympics.

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