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    • Own teaching methods
    • Individual approach to each student
    • Performance monitoring
    • Quick help on any issues
    • 99% Positive Feedback
    • General education program
    • Preparation for exams
    • Preparing for the Olympics
    • Preparation for international tests
  • PRICE:
    • Individual online lesson: 280 UAH – 1 hour
    • Individual online lesson with a candidate of biological sciences: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Package of 10+ lessons: 2800 UAH – 11 hours
    • Preparation for international tests in English: 350 UAH – 1 hour
    • Preparation for the Olympics: price is negotiable

    Biology is one of the most interesting subjects in the school. In the lessons, students learn about the structure of organisms, about the processes of their life, about the interaction between living things. It all starts with botany, which is studied in the seventh grade, and ends with anatomy in the eleventh grade. It would seem that it can be easier, because there are no hated equations, like in mathematics, or scary graphs, like in physics, or well, incomprehensible equations, like in chemistry. In practice, everything turns out to be much more complicated. The subject, which was supposed to be fun and to enable the child to know the world, turns into an uninteresting and too formalized one. Students, instead of gaining more practical knowledge, are forced to read a huge amount of dry uninteresting information in textbooks, and then retell it in the classroom. While in the classroom more time should be devoted to demonstrations and experiments.

    Is it possible to restore justice and make biology interesting?

    Is it realistic to move away from dry paraphrases from a textbook?

    Is it possible to enthrall a student with a subject so that he independently finds interesting information about the subject?

    The answer is clear: of course! And you need nothing for this: order a lesson with our biology tutor and start the lesson. Why should this work? Everything is very simple. Our biology tutors just recently were in the same situation, they also sat at boring lessons in the classroom and listened to uninteresting stories of the teacher. But fortunately, they managed to become interested in biology. Of course, they had a hard time, but now they can easily fall in love with everyone in this interesting subject. After all, they know much more than can be learned from school textbooks. All tutors of biology have a huge amount of interesting materials that can not leave anyone indifferent. A lesson with a biology tutor in Skype will help turn a frog into a beautiful princess!

    Thanks to classes with a biology tutor on Skype, you:

    • You will understand that biology is much more interesting than they write about it in boring school books;
    • without problems master the material necessary for successful passing of ZNO and DPA in biology;
    • realize the charm of doing practical work;
    • learn to creatively analyze non-standard tasks in biology;
    • acquire skills and knowledge that will help you to easily enter the best universities in Ukraine and Europe.

    As a result, almost in a playful way, without realizing it yourself, you will master such a volume of interesting information that you could not even dream about!

    Our biology tutor:

    • graduate or student of the most prestigious university of Ukraine;
    • active participant in the olympiad movement;
    • An experienced teacher with dozens of grateful students
    • great mentor and wonderful psychologist;
    • full of strength, enthusiasm and inspiration;
    • pride of parents

    Why BrainHouse

    Our great advantage is the presence of a psychologist who helps our students choose the teacher that suits them best. A preliminary conversation helps to identify the characteristics of the child and conduct classes in accordance with his needs. Thus, the student learns more material and achieves better results than with the standard approach.

    Our staff – guarantee an excellent level of teaching! Our teachers participate in a complex multi-stage selection system, so we can vouch for the highest quality teaching of all our tutors.

    BrainHouse always monitors the quality of education and has improved teaching techniques online. As a result, an online biology tutor sets out the material as simple as possible, taking into account the needs of each ward.

    Our center is a multidisciplinary platform, so you have the opportunity to choose a high-class tutor in biology, chemistry, mathematics and other subjects

    Why do I need an online tutor?

    • during classes, the personal characteristics of each student are taken into account, which is impossible to do during classes in a regular class.
    • the young teacher creates a friendly, trusting atmosphere, thereby stimulating the thirst for knowledge in his ward.
    • Pursuing in a place convenient for himself, the student will not experience unnecessary stress, as a result of achieving great success.

    Studying at BrainHouse you get the opportunity to learn from the best professionals, unnoticed by yourself, raising your level. After all, being in a society of the strongest willy-nilly, you become one of them!

    BrainHouse is a unique platform bringing together dozens of young and successful tutors. Dozens of years of experience, hundreds of satisfied students, thousands of successfully passed control and independent work, exams and tests. Choosing BrainHouse you buy a happy ticket to your successful future!

    Come to our tutoring center and you will never again have to hopelessly enter in the search engines: “I am looking for a biology tutor online”, or “to find a biology tutor online”. You no longer need to choose blindly, trust, and we will do everything to achieve maximum results!

    Come to us, we will always be happy to help achieve incredible heights!

    Kharkiv residents have a unique chance – to call a biology tutor at home. Our tutor can drive up to any place and time convenient for you and hold a lesson at the highest level. Departure is made to all areas of Kharkov: Cold Mountain, Saltovka, KhTZ, New houses, and others.

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