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BrainHouse Tutoring Center is a team of highly qualified specialists who will help you achieve your goal! Many years of experience in the CIS countries and abroad has allowed us to create a unique teaching methodology that guarantees quick assimilation of the material from the first minutes of the lesson. We are preparing pupils, students and just wanting to learn something to pass local and international exams, as well as to successfully pass interviews.

Each tutor that you meet while working with us is a specialist with many years of experience in teaching in his field. Our teachers attend international conferences and engage in scientific activities that help them to keep abreast of all new trends. Tutors also regularly pass tests and exams that allow the center to determine their level of teaching. We motivate them to carry out their work efficiently so that our customers are always happy with the result.

We know how in the first minutes of work to interest a child or an adult and make the activity as productive as possible. This can be achieved through a preliminary acquaintance of the student with a qualified psychologist at the BrainHouse center. He accurately determines the temperament, type of thinking and other psychological qualities of the student and sends him to receive classes from the teacher, who will be able to achieve maximum results from him. The success of our methods is confirmed by the high results of students in control, exams and tests.


The Internet is full of tutoring offers. Each applicant looks incredibly worthy: an excellent student, participant and winner of the Olympiads, an experienced teacher. All of them promise the highest quality of services and guarantee excellent results. And here hundreds of questions immediately arise:

  • “Does this tutor really have such a high level of knowledge? Does his actual level and qualifications correspond to those declared? ”
  • “Can this mentor find an approach specifically for me (for my child)?”
  • “Does the teacher really have vast experience and crowds of satisfied students?”
  • “And indeed, how to choose the very“ one and only ”among such a variety?”

Fortunately, you no longer have to waste precious time finding answers. Now it makes no sense to play Russian roulette, in the hope that this time everything will certainly be fine. Trust the professionals, free up time for pleasant things!

BrainHouse guarantees:

  • Classes are only with highly qualified teachers, the level and qualification of which is confirmed by dozens of satisfied students.
  • Consultation with a center psychologist who will help you choose the very “one and only” tutor who will help you achieve maximum results.
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of teaching, so you can always be sure of the highest level of all our classes.
  • Continuous support on any issues.

Classes at BrainHouse provide an opportunity to learn from the best professionals. Unbeknownst to yourself, you will increase your own level. After all, being in the company of the strongest, willy-nilly you become one of them!



      The use of tutors’ many years working experience and internationally recognized teaching methods allows children to quickly learn any unknown discipline. A professional team of teachers will do everything to find an approach to your child and choose an unique curriculum for him.


      Initial communication with the psychologist of the center allows with 99% probability to choose a tutor who will definitely interest a kid in studying the discipline. There are no children in our center who do not like studying, because we know how to teach interestingly. The secret of our effectiveness is a great passion for our work and knowing how to find an approach to any child.


      Comfortable and friendly atmosphere allows the student to open up for warm communication with the teacher and enjoy receiving new information for him. Our teachers undergo psychological training for improving the interaction of the “Teacher-Pupil”


      A systematic test of knowledge enables parents to monitor the progress of their children at all stages of education. Parents also have the opportunity to connect online or attend a lesson in person. Our teachers are always in touch and ready to answer questions of children or parents at any time.


      Modern children are constantly on the move, which is why additional activities should not tie them to one city. Studying online, children may not miss classes, even when they are abroad or went on vacation to their grandmother.


      In the process of doing homework, children have to look for a lot of information in books that are not always at hand, and are often written difficult and confusing for students. We provide our students with a unique library of electronic materials approved by the best teachers who have proven their effectiveness.


    The learning process is constantly being improved thanks to the active development of technology. Among students, online classes are becoming more and more in demand. The high popularity of distance learning is due to several advantages.

    • The most significant benefit for many people is the fact that Skype lessons are generally cheaper. Communication with a tutor “live” can not afford many. Especially when you consider that to achieve the desired results, one hour of classes per week is not enough.
    • The second advantage is saving time on the road. If your child is too small to attend group classes on his own, and you don’t have the time and energy to take him there and pick up from you, an online tutor is what you need. The same situation is with older people who have no desire to leave home after a hard school or working day.
    • The last, but no less important advantage of distance learning is the ability to choose the most convenient time for the lesson, which can not be said about group classes, the schedule of which you need to adjust.

    BrainHouse Tutoring Center provides quality distance learning services.

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